Small Business Support

LLC Creation

LLC's protects small business owner's personal assets from financial obligations incurred by the business itself. Additionally, small business owners can customize their tax needs under an LLC as it flexibly provides for tax filings with either corporate, sole proprietorship or partnership strategies. Kimberly M. Wells, Attorneys at Law will create your LLC by filing the necessary documents with the Department of State, by drafting the controlling document of the entity and also by handling all publication requirements.

Contract Review

A contract is a legally enforceable agreement. It is because of this enforceability that all small business owners should have their contracts reviewed by an attorney prior to agreeing to any terms. Terms used in contracts often have specific meanings that can have a serious impact on a party's obligations once they sign. It is also not uncommon for certain provisions to have a different meaning or level of enforceability in New York State than it would somewhere else. This can result in a small business relying on provisions found in a standard form document which end up being inapplicable or unenforceable. Contact Kimberly M. Wells, Attorneys at Law if you have been presented with a contract, or seek to propose one yourself, to protect your small business from future harm.